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Flexible Staffing

Flexible Staffing

Flexible workforce facilitates business growth and scaling by supplying extra capacity as needed. Such variable staffing is likely to be difficult to manage. This does not need to be the case.

We demonstrate exceptional expertise in sourcing, forecasting, and benchmarking within the talent landscape. Being a pioneer in the fields of management services and talent acquisition, we have extensive knowledge in both direct, permanent hire recruiting and Reliant Staffing Solutions (RSS). Our proven method is continuously enhanced and expanded as we apply it to assist companies in managing their dependent workforce.

We create a thorough map of contractors throughout your company by collaborating with various roles within the organization to determine the precise number of contingent workers that are currently employed by the company.

We have included your anticipated recruiting requests with this current contractor map. This aids in our search for methods to reduce the number, kind, and expense of your employees. You gain insight into the true cost of your contingent labor as of right now, including unreported charges like vendor and agency fees, contract administration fees, labor sourcing costs, and one-time expenditures.

Solutions for Managing a Flexible Workforce

Multiple staffing companies are often used by complex businesses to supply temporary employees. Taking proactive measures to manage this unit can yield significant benefits. We are able to conduct supplier evaluations, compile lists of the best suppliers, and suggest substitute providers that have given customers better, more affordable outcomes. Additionally, we can assist you in selecting and implementing the vendor management system (VMS) technology that best suits your needs in order to allow higher practice competencies.

The global governmental and supervisory landscape is dynamic and multifaceted. We also make sure that every aspect of your organization, no matter where you operate in the world, is entirely compliant, which helps you manage and mitigate risk in this area.

Our mission is to assist you in identifying, acquiring, managing, and holding onto the ideal combination of people to fulfill your strategic requirements.